SoTel SIP Trunking

Keeping Businesses Connected with SIP Trunking

SoTel keeps businesses connected to their goals, customers, and peers with SoTel SIP Trunking. SIP Trunking from SoTel can simplify a business’s telecommunications and open up advancements in unified communications and opens you up to huge commissions!

SoTel SIP Trunking service runs on the powerful Metaswitch platform, which is trusted and used by some the world’s largest telcos and service providers. SoTel is also backed by over 36 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. 


Our commercially supported service platforms are geographically redundant - designed for 99.999% uptime and reliability.


Independent phone numbers move with users.


Add new numbers and trunks quickly and easily.


Simplified IT
Consolidate separate analog and TDM circuits, eliminate redundancies, and make the most of the business's bandwidth. 


Enable UC
Easily implement Unified Communications and provide the benefits of Collaboration Tools, Video Conferencing, Presence, and more


Cost Savings
Businesses can save up to 70% compared to traditional phone service, plus huge commissions for Resellers.


sotel sip infographic


Unlimited Usage Bundles

  6-Line Bundle12-Line Bundle 23-Line Bundle 46-Line Bundle 
Call Paths/Lines 6 12 23 46
Phone Numbers 10 25 100 125
Directory Listing 1 1 2 5
E-911 Locations 1 1 2 5

Bundles Include: Unlimited* local and long distance for US48 and bordering Canadian Provinces (as of April 1, 2016), Directory listing, Operator Services, Inbound Caller ID Available, E-911 Compliant

*Assumes normal business use. No call centers or dialers allowed.
Unlimited Usage Service is sold on a per line (or channel) basis, and includes inbound, local and long distance calling to US48 and Canada. Unlimited Usage is governed by our Acceptable Use Policy which can be found at:
Maximum of 2500 minutes per each line and is pooled across all lines. Example 6 SIP bundles would be 6 x 2500 minutes equals 15,000 total minutes per month.

Metered Usage Service Plans

US48 Minute Plans & Toll-Free Minute Plans
Available for high volume or specialized applications.

5,000 Minute Plan
10,000 Minute Plan
25,000 Minute Plan
50,000 Minute Plan
100,000 Minute Plan
250,000 Minute Plan
5,000 Minute Plan
10,000 Minute Plan
25,000 Minute Plan
50,000 Minute Plan
100,000 Minute Plan
250,000 Minute Plan

A la Carte: Telephone Numbers (DIDs), Long Distance Minutes, Toll Free Service, Directory Listing, Inbound CNAM, E-911 Location Registration, Flexible Number Routing


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