Samsung Managed Wireless LAN

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Samsung Wireless LAN

Cloud Networking is a simple solution that enables businesses to deploy locations in minutes, operate distributed networks via cloud-based applications, and provide unparalleled levels of centralized control and network visibility within the cloud. Contact your Samsung Partner to inquire about this service.

Designed with Mobility in Mind

Samsung Wireless LAN is a cloud-managed solution that delivers security, quality and a seamless voice and data experience.

Samsung Managed WLAN is an online cloud-based network management system that reduces costs, simplifies hardware management, and enables businesses to manage multiple network locations from one central location via Web browser.

Available to MSPs, VARs, and Service Providers at

 Seamless WiFi

Seamless WiFi Experience

 Blazing Fast

Blazing Fast

 Greater Coverage

Greater Coverage

 VoWiFi Call Quality

Uncompromised VoWiFi Call Quality

 Cloud apps

Operate multiple distributed networks via cloud-based applications

 Automatic Technology Refresh

Automatic Technology Refresh

 Centralized Control

Provide unparalleled levels of centralized control & network visibility

 Cloud Unified

Cloud Unified: integrates with Samsung Cloud UC and other voice solutions

Cloud Unified

Samsung WLAN is cloud unified, meaning it ingrates with Samsung Cloud UC and other cloud-based voice solutions, giving your customer the ultimate Unified Cloud experience.


  • Managed vLAN & network configuration
  • No expensive controller
  • Unparalleled Access Point security and threat management
  • Cloud-managed service from any device
  • Advanced Networking
  • Scalable
  • Automatic Technology Refresh
  • One price per Access Point
  • HaaS
  • Cloud Analytics
  • Cloud Unified: Integrates with Samsung Cloud UC and other voice solutions
  • SD-WAN Integration
  • Available Captive Portal
  • Available Hardware as a Service
  • Reporting on Business Group
  • Reporting via Access Point
  • Intrusion Alerts 


Number of Access Points Up to 5 6 to 100 Over 100 
Number of SSIDs Up to 2  Up to 10  Up to 100 
Number of VLANs Up to 8  Up to 16 
LDAP or Radius Authentication N/A N/A Included
SD-WAN Integration Optional Optional Yes
Captive Portal Available Available Available
Analytics Optional Optional Yes
Hardware as a Service (HaaS) Available Available Available
Reporting on Business Group Yes Yes Yes
Reporting via Access Point N/A Yes Yes
Intrusion Alerts Monthly Report Monthly Report Daily Alerts

Available on

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