Secure Cloud Video

Secure Cloud Video integrates best in class cloud video storage with the industry’s top camera lines - offering the best in cameras, cloud storage and surveillance all for one low price. Charge one low monthly fee and let your customers choose from top cameras with cloud storage, anytime and anywhere access, with advanced management and event detection

Secure Cloud Video integrates best in class cloud video storage with the industry's top camera lines

Secure Cloud Video is built with simplicity in mind. Our open solution provides enhanced capabilities with our certified camera lines. Secure Cloud Video stores, plays back and exports security footage from most IP Cameras. Your customers can manage multiple cameras and locations all from one secure cloud storage location. Our app is available for iOS and Android devices, enabling your customers to monitor from anywhere. Charge one low monthly fee and let your customers experience streamilined features. 

Available Cameras

Pricing is on a monthly contract that includes camera(s) for an easy monthly payment. Choose a 7, 14 or 30-day storage plan with camera

nec vivotek

Hanwha Techwin

Many other camera configurations are available including outdoor, bullet, tamper resistant and more. Subscription rates are also available without hardware.


Pricing built by you, for your customers.

Get the ultimate control by choosing a monthly, storage only plan or add cameras for an additional monthly fee. We offer a full range of cameras with various configurations and features including outdoor, bullet and tamper resistant. Many cameras may also be eligible for Hardware as a Service and automatic refresh.

2-year or 3-years plans available. Equipment eligible for upgrade after 24 months with 24 month contract extension.

7-Day Storage Plan

14-Day Storage Plan

 30-Day Storage Plan


hd storage 

HD Storage
Up to 1080p High Definition video recording supported at 30 frames per second.

secure cloud storage 

Secure Cloud Storage
Your customers can store video and images securely in the cloud.

 multiple locations

Multiple Locations
Your customers can monitor, view, record, and export all locations from one account and alert infrastructure. 

 timeline in cloud

Timeline in the Cloud
Viewable timelines for each camera with motion event logging and export framework.

mobile application

Mobile Applications
View, manage and export video from all account cameras to mobile devices including tablets and smartphones

event notifaction

Event Notifications
Email and text notifications make sure your customers know about connectivity problems.

camera health check

Camera Health Check
Notifications are standard to make sure cameras are always up and running.

motion recording

Motion Recording
Your customers will save bandwidth. Camera motion detection will begin recording when otherwise paused.

continuous recording

Continuous Recording
Always be recording - important for critical locations.

 multiple user accounts

Multi-User Accounts
Multi-user access allows control of who can see what and when. Unlimited users can view, export and control cameras based on location or label.

camera labeling

Camera Labeling
Restrict each camera to specific user rights by labeling and grouping cameras

partner notifications

Partner Notifications
Allow the camera, security or IT vendor the ability to receive alerts related to events or camera health.

 partner configuration

Partner Configuration
Your customers can allow their trusted camera, security or IT vendor to control, manage and configure their Secure Cloud Video account. 

evergreen cameras

Evergreen Cameras
If your customer renews at the end of their contract for an equal amount of time, they are eligible for a new and updated camera of equal value to their original contract.
(Minimum 2-Year Commitment) 


Consider bandwidth

To ensure you get the best video quality possible, consider your bandwidth. There's no specific amount of bandwidth that Secure Cloud Video requires as a service. The amount of bandwidth that you require will actually depend on the camera you use and the quality setting that you choose. To check your bandwidth, please visit our Bandwidth Considerations page.



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