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Sometimes, Good Parts Go Bad

Ensure your customers’ networks runs at peak performance with Maintenance from SoTel.

Upgrading an entire system can be expensive. Make your customers’ systems go further by purchasing a maintenance bundle through SoTel. We have maintenance services available for most equipment, most software* and offer configuration assistance. Help your customers choose the service level that works for them and see everything SoTel can do!

Two Levels of Service

 Service Offering Definition Gold Platinum  Diamond
Repair with Advanced Replacement Receive a replacement part before shipping your defective part to SoTel. Defective part is repaired by SoTel.   **     
Spares Kit Critical service affecting parts kit maintained on-site or at a SoTel warehouse location.   **     


Maintenance Bundles Built for Individual Needs

We know each of your customers’ needs might be different. Let us know what kind of system they have, and we can help you build a customized maintenance bundle by mixing and matching any of the services above. Increase the life of your customers’ switch by years and enjoy the huge savings!

*We are unable to support some software due to changes in technology and/or licensing restrictions. 
**Choose Repair with Advanced Replacement OR Spares Kit.

Support for top Manufacturers including:

  • Avaya
  • Nortel
  • NEC
  • Mitel

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