SoTel is an authorized distributor for the entire line of VIVOTEK products. SoTel’s sales team works closely with VIVOTEK’s sales and engineering teams across the USA.

VIVOTEK Inc., established in 2000 and publicly listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TAIEX: 3454), has quickly taken its place as a technology leader and total solution providers in the IP video surveillance industry. VIVOTEK is known for excellence, delivering total IP video surveillance solutions that embody the complete integration of video codecs, optoelectronics and networking technologies. VIVOTEK's innovative R&D teams are dedicated to developing highly reliable IP surveillance products, including network cameras, video servers, video receivers, NVR, and central management software to deliver practical, state-of-the-art solutions to the security market. VIVOTEK Inc. offers a broad line of IP video surveillance solutions to over 90 countries worldwide. VIVOTEK USA adds to the company’s global reach as a subsidiary of VIVOTEK Inc.

VIVOTEK, a Leading Provider of H.265

A pioneer in the use of H.265 technology for surveillance, VIVOTEK is proud to launch the new V-Pro H.265 Line network camera series, available in both 3-Megapixel and 5-Megapixel models and in a range of form factors to suit any application. Employing H.265 technology enables these cameras to provide higher and more efficient image compression rates than previous H.264 systems while maintaining the high image quality. Additionally, VIVOTEK’s NVRs (network video recorders) and professional VMS (video management software), VAST, provide complete H.265 solutions for professional surveillance operations.


VIVOTEK's Smart Stream II, Make Your Bandwidth More Efficient

In addition to the deployment of H.265 hardware, VIVOTEK also releases the sophisticated Smart Stream II, the next generation of video compression technology. Utilizing VIVOTEK’s Smart Stream II, cameras are able to optimize quality for desired regions and adjust encoding automatically to maximize bandwidth usage efficiency. Customers will benefit from significant reduction in network bandwidth and storage requirements. Combining H.265 and VIVOTEK's Smart Stream II, the V-Pro H.265 series of cameras both reduce bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 80% more than cameras using H.264.


*Combining both H.265 and VIVOTEK Smart Stream II, the camera can reduce bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 80%

VIVOTEK's H.265 Total Solutions for Any Application

As well as these advanced network cameras, VIVOTEK also introduces H.265 compatible NVRs and video management software, VAST to shorten installation time and cost. VIVOTEK's H.265 integrated solution is perfect for a wide range of environments, including indoors, outdoors and from small to medium scale applications.

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