Telefield is a leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of telecommunications products in North and South America offering a complete lineup of phones tailored to meet the needs of voice providers and telephony VARs. Telefield telephone systems and handsets provide a full range of advanced features such as Busy Lamp Field, HD voice, full duplex speakerphone, music on hold and many others.

Telefield offers four categories lines of IP phones for premise and hosted systems:

  • RCA by Telefield IP Value Phones drive free, and low cost of entry offers for VARs and service providers
  • RCA by Telefield Wireless Office phones provide the flexibility of mobility with the reliability and performance of IP-DECT technology.
  • IPX Intelligent Business Phones provide unique functionality and increased operability with business processes and reduced operational costs.
  • OEM/ODM Custom Manufacturing offers a range of solutions, from own-branded phones to complete customized designs and firmware unique to your customer’s needs.

RCA by Telefield Wireless Office

The Telefield Wireless Office System enables service providers and channel partners to outfit their customers with a reliable wireless VoIP calling platform while avoiding the expense and headache of Ethernet cabling.

Leveraging proven DECT technology, the Wireless Office System supports up to 12 cordless VoIP handsets and two base stations, for up to 300m of range, allowing for maximum mobility around most businesses. The Telefield Wireless Office System also features the industry’s only DECT wireless desktop VoIP phone, the IP170.

Telefield IPX Intelligent Business Phones

The Telefield IPX Intelligent Business Phones bring powerful benefits to service providers and VARs not traditionally found in VoIP phones such as:

  • Auto Updates – Control support costs by proactively upgrading the software centrally. No intervention by the end user is required. Roll out new features easily, control features by user/account.
  • Customization – More than a touch screen VoIP phone, the IPX500 is a fully programmable and customizable network appliance. With support for 200 language groups and the ability to create applications through the IPX500 Developer Program, the IPX500 transports plain vanilla communications devices to new levels of customizability and performance.
  • Leading Softswitch Support – Compatible with the leading softswitch platforms such as Broadsoft and Metaswitch and open source platforms such as Asterisk and Elastix.
  • Remote Assistance – Using the RemoteCall feature, providers can minimize support and downtime with direct, secure, real-time access to the IPX500 in the field, perfect for troubleshooting “needle in a haystack” issues.

OEM/ODM Custom Manufacturing

Whether you are looking to simply badge phones with your company’s logo or have unique designs and features you want for your customers, Telefield is a global leader in the custom design and manufacture of telecommunication products.