SoTel is the Master Distributor for Tadiran Aeonix and Coral products in the Western Hemisphere. Our product specialists can help current and potential Tadiran partners create the right Unified Communication solution for their end-users.

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Aeonix Overview - Unified Communications

Aeonix is a software only communications solution that consolidates disparate business applications into a single, fault tolerant platform. The Aeonix Unified Communications platform, Aeonix Contact Center(ACC), and Aeonix Dispatch Console (ADC), all reside in one virtual instance or COTS server. Aeonix runs on any virtualization platform including VMware, Hyper-V and cloud platforms such as AWS, and can easily port from one platform to another (“Bring Your Own Cloud”). Cloud based, hybrid or on premises, Aeonix provides the same enterprise grade feature set and capabilities. Aeonix’ unparalleled scalability allows immediate ROI for a Managed Services practice. Other advantages of the Aeonix include simplicity of implementation and maintenance, and support for open standards such as SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services.
Aeonix was designed to meet current and future challenges of distributed organizations:
Scalability- Aeonix has the ability to extend customer networks based on current demand and changing needs. The open-ended architecture allows customers flexibility to buy and install only what they currently need, and to add users, remote locations and additional applications as they become necessary. The standard system solution has the ability to provide service from 10 to 25,000 users

  • Simplicity- Aeonix includes unified management of all system services and applications. An intuitive GUI and a simple licensing mechanism make it easy to install, manage and maintain. Adding users, remote sites, or applications to one Aeonix server, is the same as adding them to every server in the network
  • Open Architecture- Aeonix supports standard protocols such as SIP (unmodified), CSTA, and Web Services. This non-proprietary architecture allows customers to seamlessly integrate a variety of common applications and to add desired devices to the system (Bring Your Own Device). Security protocols are implemented to ensure the system's integrity and prevent unauthorized operations
  • Resiliency- A system can consist of one or many servers while each Aeonix server provides complete 100% application functionality. In a "clustered" (multi-server) environment, automated diagnostics and recovery mechanisms deliver the highest levels of fault tolerance and failover.

The Aeonix delivers powerful, flexible, and adaptable communications to enterprises both large and small. Its simple unified management structure ensures that customers experience the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO) with minimal IT resources required.

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CORAL Platform 

The Coral family of products are powerful communications platforms. They provide built-in voice and data convergence by combining IP-rich technology with the stability of TDM technologies. Ranging from single deployment or multi-site networks, Coral systems are suitable for organizations of all sizes, offering models that scale from a dozen to over 6000 ports.

Your Benefits:

  • Powerful networking capabilities over hundreds of sites
  • Supports a variety of interfaces, including E1, T1, PRI, and IP
  • SIP trunk and gateway support
  • Network management and fault monitoring tool
  • Built-in fault tolerance and disaster recovery mechanisms (larger models)
  • Hundreds of proven Coral telephony features and applications
  • Support for relaying fax transmissions over IP networks in real time
  • MS Exchange integration for real-time web conferencing, instant messaging, and video/audio conversations