SoTel is one of Samsung’s strongest distributors in North America and Canada. The leader in business technology, Samsung offers the most exciting and dependable line of innovative products and solutions backed by a passionate team that is dedicated to building dynamic relationships.

Under the business philosophy of contributing to a better global society, Samsung devotes talent and technology to creating Smart B2B offerings across industries, offerings devices, solutions, infrastructure, and a comprehensive ecosystem to meet all business needs. By offering a total smart device line-up with its integrated line of enterprise solutions, clients across all industries will have a new business experience from leveraging Samsung’s B2B capabilities.

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Samsung Coud UC BLACK

Samsung Cloud UC

The world leader in communications technology bring its Cloud Unified Communications solution to life in partnership with SoTel. Enterprise features at a small business price. Cloud-based IP communication is enabling business everywhere to transform into more productive, agile and flexible organizations. Anytime-anywhere communications and a consistent omni-channel user experience across all devices and networks are the critical success factors. Simplicity, ease of use and affordability influence purchase decision. Towards this, Cloud UC applications meet all the criteria required for the transformation of businesses everywhere.
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Samsung wireless lan

Samsung Managed Wireless LAN

The most sophisticated enterprise mobility, created by the industry leader in mobile devices. Discover the ultimate wireless communications, employee productivity and enhanced security. Connectivity redefined to a whole new level.
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OfficeServ 7000 Series

With over 25 years of experience in telecommunications and unsurpassed strength in consumer electronics, smartphones, digital media, computers and networks, we are ideally placed to address the mobility challenges that organizations are facing today with consumers setting technology trends and the explosion of personal devices at work.

Samsung understands these challenges and brings Samsung OfficeServ 7000 Series, a single, compact, feature-rich platform that integrates the capabilities and functionality businesses demand with Voice over IP technology, Unified Communications and wireless technology working together as one.

Flexible Architecture

  • The OfficeServ 7000 IP-PBX family includes five (5) all-in-one platforms suitable for growing SMBs, ranging from 10-480 users.
  • Supports up to 99 networked systems and nearly 48,000 users, locally or geographically distributed.
  • Simple setup and administration with a suite of management tools accessible from anywhere.
  • Hassle-free scalability with interconnecting cabinets, common circuit modules, phones and applications.
  • Supports wireless LAN connectivity.
  • SPNet enables networking to other OfficeServ platforms at remote offices.

Samsung Communication Manager

The Samsung Communication Manager (SCM) S500 is an enterprise-class, full-featured phone system, specially designed to create smart work environment, operational efficiency and enhanced productivity.

Supports up to 3,000 users

SCME cubes 600x600 1Specially designed to enable enterprises with a 3,000-user capacity to build smart business communications, the Samsung Communication Manager S500 (SCM S500) is a pure-SIP based all-in-one communications solution that provides enterprise-grade call control and embedded applications such as Unified Communications, voice conferencing and mobility from a single server. 


Low total cost of ownership

Low Cost OwnershipThe Samsung Communication Manager's straightforward architecture allows you to grow seamlessly and cost-effectively. Its simplified installation and setup, licensing process and its single, intuitive interface can significantly reduce overhead costs.


Efficiency and performance

EfficiencySamsung Communication Manager S500 supports rich built-in applications that allow employees to be available on any device (desk phone, softphone, mobile phone, etc.) from only one number. It also allows the IT team to rapidly respond to sudden changes through its simplified Move/Add/Change (MAC) process, real-time administration and remote support. 


Easy management

Easy ManagementThe SCM S500 integrates all administrative functionalities for the system’s DB, Applications and troubleshooting through the SCM Administrator, so the system can be effectively and efficiently managed. Additionally, a redundant server, gateways and failure preventive options are also offered to secure business continuity at all times.


Enterprise-class applications

Enterprise Class AppsEmbedded applications eliminate the cost of multiple application servers, complications from running different operating systems; and consolidates management of your applications. These include: Unified Message Service (UMS), Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), meet-me voice conference and more. It also supports 3rd party applications to meet your business needs.


Samsung Smart WLAN: Make the Most of Mobility

The Samsung WLAN solution provides integrated and scalable WLAN infrastructure with a management capacity of up to 500 access points per controller, 10,000 client devices with a 20 Gbps data plane. The future-proof Samsung WLAN solution ensures users a reliable and scalable wireless access as well as secure and greater coverage.

With Samsung WLAN, business and mobile users experience reliable, optimized and secure wireless access, allowing for maximum freedom and productivity throughout the workplace.

Greater Coverage

routerSamsung’s internal multi-antenna, multiple RF patterns increase RF sensitivity by 2DB, which minimizes dead zones and wireless resources used in unnecessary areas.



networkThrough Samsung’s dedicated monitoring module, Wi-Fi service is not compromised and coverage hole detection and correction is optimized.



callsBased on the company’s extensive experience in LTE network design, Samsung WLAN delivers best performance in high density environments such as classrooms or hotel lobbies.


High Definition Voice

air moveHD Voice technology ensures increased clarity for a better user experience. This solution doubles both the sampling rate and the width of the sound spectrum, substantially increasing sound quality and reducing bandwidth requirements.