Mitel / Aastra

SoTel is a distributor for Mitel, formerly Aastra, open standards solutions. Whether you are looking for analog phones, SIP desk phones, Microsoft Lync endpoints, or DECT wireless phones, SoTel has what you need.

In addition to Mitel 6800 and 6700 series phones, SoTel is the Mitel authorized refurbisher and repair house for Aastra Pointspan and Aastra 6700 series phones.

Desk Phones

SIP Telephones
A full family of cost effective enterprise grade IP Telephones that have been designed for interoperability, upgradeability and ease of use.

aastra sip phones

IP Telephones
A range of terminals opened up to the IP World.

aastra ip phones

Digital Phones
A full range of terminals designed to meet everybody’s needs.

aastra digital phones

Microsoft® Lync™ Telephones
Telephones for Microsoft® Lync™ communications server.

aastra lync phones


With SIP-DECT™, each call manager and communication server can be completed with DECT which uses SIP on the subscriber side.

aastra sip dect

DECT Handsets
With the Aastra mobile DECT handsets, versatile communications and efficient cooperation have become child’s play.

aastra dect handsets