Intelligent Recording

Intelligent Recording has a wide range of hardware and software platforms that are designed to meet everything from basic call recording requirements to providing a turn-key system that records calls, upsells your clients and aids in staff training and development. Whether recording analog lines, IP phone recording, SIP trunk recording, PRI/BRI recording or Digital station-side recording, Intelligent Recording has the right solution for your business. Our products are right for the single location business or for the large national chain that requires centralized storage and web-based management and reporting capabilities.



For the smaller business, or national chains with many smaller locations, the Call Tracker series of Call Recorders make implementing a recording solution for your business simple, quick and cost effective. By integrating our proven Call Recording technology with the latest in Tablet CPU computing, we’ve created a range of fully stand-alone recorders that meet the price performance targets required for even the smallest business. Connected in minutes and delivering all the features you need. Starting at just 2 lines and expanding as large as you need, simply connect our Call Tracker to your phone lines and your data network (no PC required) and you’ve got the perfect combination of a powerful, stand-alone recorder backed up with our web services that delivers comprehensive reporting, monitoring & alerts.

COM Digital 01 lrg  COM Digital 04 lrg  COM Digital 16 lrg 


 For larger businesses we offer our MultiCorder PRI recorders, IP station-side recording as well as our Digital 01/04/16 products to record only a specific group of digital PBX telephones.