Hansen Software

Hansen Software offers Call Recording & Call Accounting products for small to large businesses within North America. They go by the name of CASH+. Hansen Software’s philosophy is to excel at customer service and to offer easy to use and effective software at a reasonable price. Quoting the product is simplified and all services needed to ensure a successful implementation and experience for the client are already included in the price of purchasing our products. Pricing includes services such as interfaces to popular 3rd party software programs, online installation assistance, online training, a year of continued support and training services and 24/7 support for emergencies.

CASH+ Accounting

The CASH+ Call Accounting software is compatible on almost every make and model of phone system and includes interfaces to the most popular property management, accounting and law firm software packages. Automated scheduled reports allow for efficient use of time by providing the information clients need on a regular basis automatically. These reports can be sent in a variety of formats via email or saving the report to a file location, or simply printed to a printer. The DashBoard tool allows users to view graphically what is currently happening within the business at any given moment. Other great features include 911 alerts via email or screen pop up. The CASH+ Call Accounting has a wide variety of functions and features to cover all business types and needs. Hansen Software also offers competitive trade out pricing on the call accounting product. Included with purchase is a year of unlimited support, online install assistance, online training and 24/7 support for emergencies.

Hansen Call Reports

Hansen Call Reports is a hosted Call Accounting solution that is easy to use and simple to manage. This web-based solution has powerful reporting criteria selection - giving your businesses the ability to customize and build reports to include the criteria they care about and exclude the information they aren't interested in. Your customers can use the automated scheduled reporting tool to have reports sent daily, weekly, monthly to a printer, email or folder automotically. 

Features and Benefits:​

  • Accessible anywhere with internet on all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, iOS etc)
  • Compatible with computers, phones and tablets
  • No on-site server required. Saving your customer's time, maintenance and money
  • Automatic backups and redundancy
  • Fully encrypted SSL secured web portal
  • Solutions for all phone systems make and models
  • Automated emailing, printing and/or file creation of scheduled reports
  • Plenty of report variations available in a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word...)
  • Emergency 911 and/or Custom Call Alerts feature

With no on-site installation, no PC management and all the same great report tools and flexibility; Hansen Call Reports is a great fit for those who prefer a cloud solution.

CASH+ Recording

The CASH+ Call Recording product is available for SIP, PRI and Analog Lines. The CASH+ Call Recording is trunk side recording and Hansen includes the hardware required. Businesses use the CASH+ Call Recording software to review, play, save or email recordings of calls. Clients can also make notations regarding the call as well as grading the call or categorizing the call. Included with purchase is the CASH+ Call Accounting software, a year of unlimited support, online install assistance, online training and 24/7 support for emergencies.

Hansen's solutions are compatible with all phone systems and have been certified by SoTel.

Software Assurance Coverage is included with CASH+ software:

  • Hansen takes care of the software installation
  • Remote Installation Assistance
  • Unlimited User Training
  • 1 year of unlimited technical support
  • 24/7 Support for Technical Emergencies
  • Remote Online Training, Support or Upgrade Assistance

Feature for Feature - Hansen has the Best Price in the Industry:

  • Installation Assistance and Training included with Software Purchase
  • Pricing includes First Year of Software Assurance Coverage
  • Smaller Extension Ordering Points available
  • CASH+ pricing includes unlimited client copies
  • Semi annual software updates
    • Automatic Maintenance Routine 
    • Product Enhancements 
    • Area Code Updates 
    • Additional Reports 
    • New Telephone Systems Additions 
    • Microsoft Windows Compatibility Upgrades