SoTel has one of the largest selections of used and unused Cisco equipment you will find on the market. The combination of our selection, refurbishing process and a 1-year warranty that accompanies all Cisco phones is hard to beat. Whether you are looking for VoIP phones, networking equipment or accessories, we have it together in one place for you. Call or click today for a fast and easy quote on Cisco.

cisco cp 7965g AWe carry a full line of remanufactured, unused and end-of-life Cisco equipment for almost any application. Our SoTel certified program is more generous and enables partners to deliver more value than Cisco's SmartNet for hardware warranty and assurance.

We reclaim, service and re-deploy thousands of Cisco phones every month. Our markets include reseller partners, service providers, and integrators selling reliable Cisco product to their end-user customers throughout the world. If you have out-of-service working Cisco equipment, there is a good chance we will buy it!