ABA was established by Wonderful Hi-Tech in 1996 to be the Sales and Marketing office for North America. Today, the brand "Elite" is synonymous with unsurpassed performance in the Cabling Industry. For years, ABA has been private labeling for some of the top cable manufacturers in the industry. In the past, the likes of AMP, IBM, Lucent/Avaya, among others, have all used ABA factories to produce their cable because of its quality, consistency and outstanding performance.

Today about 70% of ABA’s business is still producing for some of the top brands you are very familiar with. These quality manufacturers will not settle for anything less than the best in quality and performance.

ABA is now geared up to sell their "Elite" brand direct into the Distribution Market. As an ABA distributor, SoTel carries LAN cable, Fiber Optic cable, and Connectivity. We carry Cat5E, Cat6E plenum, and keystones. Utilizing ABA, you will receive the same quality and performance as most top brands but without the associated costs. ABA’s 10 factories are producing their "Elite" brand and ABA is your gateway to this cable. In regards to quality and performance, ABA is already on the market with their CAT6A series of cable which passed ETL and UL verifications for component compliance.

If you are interested in changing your mindset to offer an alternative brand of cable to compete with the "Brand Name" cables, then ABA is “Always the Best Alternative”.